Pricing and menu

Day cruises and lunch cruises

Roundtrip including lunch and ticket 48€

One-way to Kastelholm/Föglö including lunch and ticket 38€
One-way to Sjökvarteret (ticket only) 25€


Summer Lunch menu

Smoked salmon or trout
Smoked salmon or trout from Åland. Served with dill potatoes and rémoulade sauce.
L, G


Carrot fritters
Carrot fritters served with dill potatoes and aioli. L, vegetarian. (Possible to egan if preordered.)


Swedish Meatballs
Homemade meatballs made from ålander minced meat. Served with buttered potatoes,
cream sauce, and lingonberry sauce.


Desserts from the À la carte menu


Children under 12 eats for half price

Children under 2 eats for free

Evening cruise with À la carte

Ticket: 35 Euro
Price for dishes accordingly to the menu


Whitefish Tartare*
Tartare made of cured, Ålander whitefish, served on our homemade malt bread with pickled red onion, and malt crumble. L


Vegan cuts
Cured carrots with cashews, and seaweed caviar, served on homemade crispbread.


Main course

– all main courses are served with a side of oven baked potatoes.

Sunnan’s Steamer Steak
Ålander steak of beef with caramelized onions, served with a red wine sauce, roasted butter carrots,
and parsley butter. L, G, egg free


Oven-baked Salmon
Oven-baked, Ålander salmon covered in a sauce made of Ålander Prosten-cheese. Served with swede
puree, and sesame seed crunch on top. L, G, egg free


Beetroot steak
Beetroot steak served with herb sauce and cream cheese from Mattas dairy. Topped with roasted
pumpkin seeds. G, vegetarian (possible to get vegan if pre-ordered)



Vanilla ice cream
Vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, white chocolate mousse, and an almond flake cookie. G


Chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. Topped with white chocolate. L, G,
traces of nuts


Raspberry cheesecake
Raspberry cheesecake with lemon mousse, roasted walnuts, and maple syrup. G, vegan



Please let us know about all the allergies on beforehand.

G = gluten free, L = lactose free

We serve beverages and snacks in the bar.

Half price off food and ticket for children under 12. Children under 2 eats and travels for fre.

All dishes can be served in smaller siezes for children. We can also serve meatballs for the children.


When booking for more than 8 people we offer a 10% discount of the ticket for the evening cruises.


Would you like to book a private saloon during a regular trip?

We have a fixed rent of the saloons that replaces the ticket price, regardless of the number of people.

The red saloon (in the stirn) with seats for 20 people: 700€

The blue saloon with seats for about 32 people: 1120€

The white room (in the stem) with seats for about 12 people: 420€


Would you like to charter the entire ship?

Please send us a request for proposal:

1300€ for the first 2 hours (minimal).

Followed by 500€ for each additional hour at sea.

Waiting time 250€ per hour in harbour.

The prices include the basic operating costs of the ship and crew.

Catering at requests. Costs for catering separately.

VAT (10%) is included in the charter prices.


We also sell gift cards. Order yours at or call +358-457 3456030. You can buy and collect them on the ship, or we can post them to you through payment by invoice.