On board we are allowed to carry 90 passengers with the crew included.

The restaurant is split into two dining saloons and a glazed outside deck.

The red saloon in the stem on main deck has the best view and offers seating for up to 20 passengers. The saloon is separate from the other dining areas and is well suited for groups that want a private space.

The blue saloon is in the stern on main deck and holds 36 passengers, and another 14 passengers with the outside deck (the white room) that is directly attached to the blue saloon.

The white room is a glazed, heated outside deck with a 180˚ view of the sea and seats for 2 to 14 passengers.

On the first deck is the bar and the outside bar deck. They can hold 60 passengers with seats both inside and outside.

Both the outside decks in the stern are protected from wind and rain.

It is also possible to book one or more saloons. Click here for pricing.


Accessible facilities

Due to the construction of the vessel, it is not possible to use a wheelchair on board.

We have a toilet on main deck, but somewhat limited in spacing. The stairs to first deck are steep. The thresholds to the dining areas are quite high.

The crew is there to assist as much as possible for all our guests. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

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